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The introduction of the organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer production line is a little complex compared producing the compound fertilizer granular.Today,we will share some information about the organic fertilizer production line.
The organic fertilizer production line process including many steps.Firstly,we need to fermentation the raw material and make these raw material mixed together.If it is a big yield,we always use the fertilizer mixer to mix these raw materials,then make the raw material enter the next step.So what fertilizer machines are included in the organic fertilizer production line?
1.Batching system:It is mainly used for the mixing,batching and feeding of 3-8 kinds of materials.The machine adopts computer scales for automatic control,and uses pneumatic valves to control the main material warehouse for quantitative feeding,After the materials are mixed in the mixing silo,they are automatically sent out by the belt conveyor.
2.Vertical disc mixer:The machine is  new type of vertical mixer,it is composed of a stirring plate,a feed outlet,a stirring arm,a rack,a gear box and a transmission mechanism.The machine is characterized by the drying shaft of the reducer,which makes it run,the stirring shaft has a fixed stirring tooth,and the stirring shaft drives the stirring tooth to mix the material fully.The vertical disc mixer always used to in a big yield process.
3.Chain crusher:When the raw material mixed enter into the chain crusher,the crusher begain to crush the big raw material and can make the raw material can be more making the granular.The chain crusher iis suitable for the fragmentation of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer blocks during production process,also widely used in chemical,building materials and other industries.In the process of crushing,we use synchronous speed f high strength wear-resistant carbide chain plate,inlet and outlet design is reasonable,so that broken material uniformily,uneasy to stick wall and easy to clean.
4.Disc granulator:The machine is a new fertilizer granulator machine,it's granulation rate can reach more than 95%.The main gear of granulator is using high frequency quenching,and its life is doubled.Generally speaking,if the production is enough big,we will choose to use two disc granulator to finish the production.And there need to a feeder in the process.
5.Drum dryer:The drum dryer has the characteristic of beautiful appearance,simple operation,low engery consumption,long severice life,uniform drying,easy maintenance and so on.The rotary dryer is a more advanced drying equipment for producing fertilizer granular.
Besides these fertilizer machines,we also need the Drum coole,Chain crusher,.Automatic packing machine.Well,if you want to know more about the organic feritilizer production line or the fertilizer machine,you can visit our website or leave a messagge for us,we will supply some suitable suggestions for you accoding to your question.