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3t/h organic fertilizer disc granulator production line
In a complete fertilizer production line including many organic fertilizer machines,and every machine in the process play a different role.Producing different yield,we need to set different machine to finish the production.Taking the 3t/h as an example,using the organic fertilizer disc granulator production line to produce the organic fertilizer.So in the production line,we need what machines to produce?Today this article will share with you.
Firstly,we need the loader feeding hopper to ready the material.This machine is a new type of capacity and uniform feeding combination .It has raw material storage bin,anti-caking crushing device,discharging adjusting system and conveying device.Then put the raw material into the half wet material crusher by the conveyor.The half-wet material crusher is mainly used to crush materials of biological fermentation organic fertilizer with moisture of 25%-55%.After crushing the raw material,we need to use the drum screener machine to separate the quality raw material,then the raw material enter into the horizontal mixer machine to mixing the raw material fully.Then,making the raw material begain to granulator.Using the disc granulator to make disc granulator,after granulating,there are still some water and the temperature is too high.We need dryer machine and the cooler machine to dry the water and cool temperature.Then,reagin to screen,separate the granulator that you need.The dryer and the cooler is equivlent to the process of the granulating.Finishing these process,we will finish all the process,next,we just need to use the automatic packing machine to pack the products.
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The details of 3 ton per hour organic fertilizer disc granulator production line