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Organic and inorganic Fertilizer granulator machine series
Fertilizer granulator machines are mainly used for making the fertilizer into granular,it is suitable for organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer.And according to different fertilizer and the requirement of the customers,the types of the fertilizer granulator machine tpe are also different.And the fertilizer granulator machine series is our main fertilizer products.And we designed new fertilizer granulator machines.
1.Disc granulator,is also called pan granulator.It not only can be used in the organic fertilizer production line,it also can be used in the compound fertilizer production line.The machine is the new fertilizer granulator machine that we designed.It not only can produce the organic fertilizer,and it also can produce the compound fertilizer.The series disc granulator  is a new type of tilting disc granulation equipment:it's granulation rate can reach more than 95%.The gear of granulation is using high frequency quenching,and its severice life is doubled.The disc of the disc granulation machine has a circular arc structure,which is lined with high strength glass steel,and the bottom of the disc is strengthened by a number of radiated steel plates.
2.Rotary drum granulator:Rotary drum granulator is a molding machine that can make material into a particular shape.It is one of the key equipment of the compound fertilizer industry,which suitable for cold or hot granulation and mass production for high and low concentration compound fertilizer.The main mode of work is granulation with wet granulation.Through a certain amount of water or steam,the basic fertilizer is fully chemically reacted in the cylinder after being humidified.In a certain liquid phase,the roating movement of the barrel is used to make the extrusion pression of the material into the ball.
3.New type organic fertilizer granulator can not only granulate a varity of organic matter,especially for the coarse fiber materials which are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment,such as crop straw,wine residue,mushrom residue,drug residue,animal dung and so on.The granulation can be made sfter fermentation,and it also can be achieved the better effect of grain making to acid and municipal sludge.
4.Flat-die granulator:the multifunctional flat-die granulator is a common used equipment in the production of organic fertilizer.It can produce cyclindrical organic fertilizer particles and feed particles.It can also connect polishing equipment,make cyclindrical particles to roll into ball,no rework,high balling rate,god strength and beautiful relocation.So the flat-die granulator is an ideal equipment.The flat die granulator is the latest technology product produce by our factory  based on so many years organic fertilizer processing equipment design and production experience.
Well,besides these fertilier granulator machine we have other fertilizer granulator machine,you can visit our website and know more about the fertilizer granulator machine.Also,you can leave a message for us if you have some problems about the fertilizer machine,we will supply some suitable suggestions for you.