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Bio-organic fertilizer production line
Producing the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer always have the different fertilizer granulation machine,and the different fertilizer production lines have been consisted by the different fertilizer machines.Today we will share the machines with you.
Usually,we use the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer,but sometimes we will choose the bio-organic fertilizer production line to produce the bio-organic fertilizer.
The bio-organic fertilizer production process is mainly the fermentation part and the production granulation part.Even if the raw materials for organic fertilizers are better fermented,granulation is also difficult,because the characteristics of organic raw materials are rough materials,lighter,and lower bonding rate.The mainly equipment that bio-orgasnic fertilizer production line include:
a.batching machine
b.New type organic fertilizer granulator
d.Screening machine
e.Belt conveyor
f.Coating machine
g.Automatic packing machine
he key factors that you need to notice when you choose the equipment:fermentation method,organic raw material,mechanization degree,and the annual outpput.The inherent quality of organic fertilizer is mainly depends on the fermentation and the formula of products.
Well,hoping the informtion that we share wuth you can help you more.