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What points should be watched in the summer corn?
Designing new fertilizer machines to meet the needs of the market producing the organic fertilizer is a trend.So many fertilizer machine manufacturers are designing the new organic fertilizer machine  like the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator or  the fertilizer granulating production line to produce all kinds of fertilizer.The organic fertilizer was applied in all kinds of crops,but what points shall we notice when we using the organic fertilizer?Today we will tell some points in the using of the summer corn.
Note on fertilization of summer corn:
1.The amount of fertilizer is too large:Some farmers use more than 50kg of urea per acre in summer maize,which will result in fertilizer utilization and corn quality degration,and it will pollute the soil.In order to increase the yield and quality of corn,it is not possiable to increase the amount of fertilizer alone,but also to improve the fertilizertion method and increase the utilization rate of fertilizer.
2.Before and after fertilization:The former heavy and light fertilization method will cause the fertilizer utilization rate to decrease.The fertilizer in the early stage is sufficient,the corn grows well,but the vegetative growth is too strong,the filed is closed,the reproductive growth period is postponed,the growth potential is late or even fattening and the corn yield is low.
3.A single variety of fertilization:Some use only urea fertilizing corn fileds in summer,which supplements the corn and soil with nitrogen and does not supplement the corn and soil with nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium.This will result in a decrease in yield,a decrease in  the lodging resistancce of corn and a decrease in disease resistance and insect resistance of corn,which is prone to pests and diseases.
4.Seeding and fertilizers are mixed improperly to cause burning:
First,the amount of fertilizer applied is large,and the amount of fertilizer used often exceeds 7.5kg.Second,improper application of fertilizers,if the application of urea and other quic-acting fertilizers,the amount of acres should be less than 5 kg;if the use of compound fertilizer,the application rate can be slightly more.The third is the reason for the sowing machine.The horizontal distance between the sowing belt and the fertilizing belt is too close,which is easy to cause burning.The distance between the seeds and the fertilizer should be more than 10 cm.
All of these are the point what we want to you know,and if you want to know more about how to use the fertilizer machine or the fertilizer production line to produce the fertilizer granulator you can visit our website,and we will update the news every day.