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npk compound fertilizer production line
Using the complete npk fertilizer production line to produce the compound fertilizer can save more time and money.The fertilizer production line including many fertilizer machines.the npk fertilizer manufacturer process is also developed.So what fertilizer machines are included in the npk fertilizer production line?And  what advantages using the npk fertilizer production line?The article will share more with you.
The main equipment that npk compound fertilizer production line contains:
1.Automatic batching machine
2.Belt conveyor
5.Rotary drum granulator
8.screening machine
9.Coating machine
10.Automatic packing machine
1.This equipment has the less investment,good results and the great economic benefits.
2.Complete sets of equipment are compact,scientific and reasonable and advanced in technology.
3.It can save engery,and has no waste discharge,stable operation,reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
4.The material has wide adaptability and it is suitable for granulation of all kinds of raw materials such as compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical industry,feed and so on,and the product has high granulation rate.
It can produce all kinds of concentration,multiple types compound fertilizer.In particular,it can produce rare-earth,potash and ammonium bicarbonate series compound fertilizer granulating.It fills the domestic blank and ranks the leading level in China.