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Organic fertilizer production line
With the rapid development of organic agriculture, the demand of organic fertilizer is increasing year by year. The investment in the production of organic fertilizer has become a hot project. The production of organic fertilizer can not be done by one machine. The production line of organic fertilizer should start from the steps of raw material crushing, mixing, fermentation, screening, transportation, granulation, drying, packaging, etc., and use the corresponding equipment for these steps. Users can choose the equipment according to their own needs
Organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation equipment, granulation equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, screening equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment, automatic packaging equipment and other fertilizer equipment.
organic fertilizer production line
Zhengzhou Huaqiang equipment classification:
1. Crushing equipment
A new type of semi wet material crusher, vertical and horizontal, has chain and hammer internal structure. No screen, even if the material is pulled out of the water, it will not be blocked.
2. Mixing equipment
Mixing mixer -- including vertical mixer, horizontal mixer, double shaft mixer, BB fertilizer mixer, etc.
3. Conveying equipment
Belt conveyor -- mobile belt conveyor, large angle belt conveyor, bucket elevator, etc. belt conveyor is an indispensable economic logistics conveying equipment for forming a rhythmic flow line. It has many characteristics, such as strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure, easy maintenance, convenient implementation of programmed control and automatic operation.
4. Pelletizing equipment
Special granulator for organic fertilizer -- including disc granulator, new type wet granulator, pelletizer, drum granulator, coating machine, etc. According to the characteristics of raw materials, select the appropriate granulator.
5. Drying and cooling equipment
Drum dryer, drum cooler.
organic fertilizer production line
6. Screening equipment
Screening machine -- including drum type and vibrating type. The screening machine is divided into three-stage screen, two-stage screen, etc.
7. Coating equipment
Particle coating machine -- the shape of the main machine is similar to the dryer and cooler, and the internal structure is quite different. The whole machine of the bag includes the matched powder machine and oil pump.
8. Automatic packaging equipment
Automatic metering packaging machine -- including powder / particle packaging machine, ton bag packaging machine

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong technical force, high-quality staff and CAD design center. It has long been committed to the research, production and development of high, medium and low compound fertilizer production equipment, providing new and old customers with all-round services of process design, equipment production, installation and commissioning, formula, covering all parts of the country, and some products have been exported.
Our company's organic fertilizer production line is reasonable in design, fine in production, small in floor area, convenient in maintenance, low in price, responsible for installation and commissioning, good after-sales service. Welcome to negotiate and order.