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What the raw material of the bio-organic fertilizer?
The bio-organic fertilizer contains a wide range of nutrients,which can help improve the soil,improve the soil's ability to retain water and retain fertilizer,and improve soil compaction.Bio-organic fertilizers also contain a large number of benefical microorganisms,which can form mutualy benefical symbiosis with microorganisms in the soil,inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria,they have no side  effects on the ecological environment and crop growth,and they are a new direction for fertilizer development;life,industry and agriculture.The waste generated in the process is reduced through organic harmless treatment,which not only achieves the purpose of providing nutrients for crops,but also reduces production costs,improves the recycling rate of domestic waste,and reduces environmental pollution.
Bio-organic fertilizer,as the name suggests,it refers to raw maerials with specific functional microorganisms,such as livestock manure,crop straw etc,through harmless treatment,decomposing and through organic complince to provide nutrients for crops.
Raw materials for bio-organic fertilizer production  can be roughly divided into:
1.In the aquaculture industry,the manure of livestock and polutry is very good raw materials,such as chicken manure,cattle and sheep horse dung,rabbit dung,etc.After proper fermentation and extraction,it can be produced into a very good bio-organic ferrtilier
2.In daily life,the domestic waste we produce can also be used as raw materials for production,such as kitchen waste;
3.Waste in industrial production can also be used,used as distiller's grains,vinergar,cassava residue,sugar residue,furfural residue and so on.
4.Waste in agricultural production can also be recycled,such as straw,soybean meal,cotton aphid,etc;
5.Nowdays,the urban population is increasing and the city sludge is increasing.It can also be used as raw materials for bio-organic fetilizer production,such as river silt and sewer sludge.
Producing the bio-organic fertilizer always use the fertilizer machine.The fertilizer granulator machine series is the mainly machine in the fertilizer production line.We can use the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator machine,new type organic fetilizer granulator machine and so on are always the main fertilizer machine to produce the bio-organic fertilizer.
We can supply the professional suggestion about the fertilizer machine according to your raw material and the question you offer.