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Application of bio-organic fertilizer on fruit tress
The bio-organic fertilizer is widely used for many areas and it be used many industries,so what advantages it will produce?Today,we will introduce the usage of the bio-organic fertilizer on fruit trees.
1.Application effect:Apples,peaches and other fruit tress increased yield by 10% to 20%,and the content of soluble soilds in fruit increased by 0.5% to 2%.Conducive to the production of pollution-free,green,organic fruit.The fruit is bright,the fruit is smooth,bright,rich in flavor,crisp and storrable.Promote roots and strong trees,develoed capillary roots,and facilitate flowering and fruit setting.
2.Fertilization time:It is better to apply from late August to the end of September.Because the soil moisture is high and the temperature is high during this period,the roots of the fertilization are easy to heal and root.Before entering the winter,the new roots can grow to about 20cm and the absorption capacity is strong.The body accumulates abundant storage nutrients.
3.Application rate:Due to the different soil fertility,physical and chemical conditions and the amount of fruit tress,the amount of fertilizer applied varies.Generally,the apple trees in the fruit-bearing peeriod are 200-300 in bio-fertilizer,500-600kg in height,and 1500kg in height.The fertilization amount of the plant is:1-2kg of saplings,2-3kg of trees in the intial stage,and 3-5 kg of trees in the fruiting stage fertilization method:
Young trees.Open the wheel-shaped groove around the trunk,the groove is 50-80 cm from the trunk,the groove width is 40-50cm,and the depth is 20-30cm.The  fertilizer and soil are mixed and applied and the water is applied after application.
Early fruit trees.One meter away from the trunk of the plant,digging a parallel grooves,the groove width is 40-50cm,the depth is 30-40cm,the soil is mixed and applied and the water is applied after application.
Fruit trees.Under the canopy projection,inwardly aboutt 1 meter,evenly apply the fertilizer hole,the hole diameter is 40cm,the depth is 20-30 cm.apply 0.5kg of bioorganical fertilizer to the hole,mix well with the ater is poured.Becareful not to cut the thick roots larger than 1cm in diameter when burrowing.The fertilizer machine using to produce the bio orgnaic fertilizer have the new type organic fertilizer granulator,screener machine,belt conveyor,coating machine,automatic packing machine, and so on.