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Organic fertilizer agrochemical
Procuing the organic fertilizer always use the fertilizer machine and it will be more effecient and high quality. In a complete fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer it will include the fertilizer crusher machine.fertilizer screener machine,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilize granulator machine and fertilizer packing machine and so on.
How to combind  the organic fertilizer with the farmyard fertilizer to make the fertilizer effect can get better.
1.Generally 50 kg of bio-organic fetilizer,it can provide 4.3kg of nitrogen,2.7kg of phosphorus,6.5kg of potassium.
2.Mixing with a sufficient amount of farmyard manure,it can completely replace the fertilizer;farmayard fertilizer is not enough ,it can reduce the amount of fertilizer used to raise seeding by 30%,the amount of bio-organic fertilizer meets the requirements,and the fertilizer can no longer be used after the seeding is raised.
3.A part of chemical fertilizer application is directly absorbed and utilized by crops.Most of the crops that are urgently absorbed by the crops are absorbed and digested by benefical bacteria,converted into organic matter,used for plant utilization,reducing the loss of chemical fertilizer effeciency.To reduce the adverse effectd of chemical fetilizers on the environment and the quality of agricultural products,and to improve the resistance of plants to pests and disease,thee number of pesticides can be reduced by 3 to 4 times throughout the year,improving crop quality and sales price difference,which is conducive to product sales.
4.Eliminate soil compaction,improve soil aggregate structure,increase soil permeability,reduce soil loss,increase soil organic matter content,protect the environment,and creat a stable and productive soil environment.
5.Bio-organic fertilizer has a sustained and stable fertilizer effect.Maintaining a certain nutritional growth during the fruiting period of crops.and achieving both nutrition and reproductive growth,it is not only conducive to increase the annual output of perennial crops,but also can lay a foundation for high yields in the coming year.The annual and small results of crops are not  obvious.
6.Crops applying bio-organic fertilizers generally show strong plant growth,increased leaf green and improved photosynthetic efficiency.Strong post-fertilizer effect,crops are not easy to pull and extend harvest time.The principle of increasing production:increase the seed setting rate and seed solidity,and increase the harvest yield in the later period and the crop generally increases production by more than 10%.
7.Microbial activites can improve soil early spring temperature,early maturing cultivation and open-air cultivationof greenhouse faclities have the effect of 5 to 7 days in the morning market.
8.The fruit is full and even the glaze is colored,the aroma is strong and the appearance attracts the customers;the soluble soild matter and the sugar content are generally increased by 1-2 degrees,the softness is increased,and the taste flavor can retain the customer.