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Other supporting facilities
 In the process of the fertilizer producing,besides some main fertilizer machines ,like the fertilizer granulator,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer screener machine and so on,there are also including some other supporting  facilities.What facilities in the fertilizer production line mainly included?Today,wew will share the information with you.In other fertilizer facilities including these fertilizer machines:
1.Fork-lift silo
This machine is a new combination of capacoty and even feeding.The machine has material storage bin anti caking crushing device,discharging adjustment system and conveying device.The overall combination enables large volume storage of materials to be transported at a uniform speed and can be continuously worked continuously,especially for engineering applications such as chemical fertilizers and aquaculture.The machiine is mainly used for the mechanized feeding and transport of raw materials.The raw material can be continuously fed by a shovel to reduce the artifical fatigue.
2.Polishing machine
This series of polishing machines is a new type of equipment:the granulating rate is more than 95%.The motor adopts flexible belt drive to start smooth,slow down the impact force and improve the severice life of the equipment,Through the process,the discs are hard and durable,it is never deformed and sturdy base.It does not need foot bolt fixed.It also has the long severice life and so on,it is deeply used.
3.Uniformly feeding machine
The machine is a new type of feeder.Its characteristic is  that the shaft end of the reducer drives the stirring shaft to run.The machine is mainly used for mixing and feeding of raw materials.The utility model has the characteristics of abrasion resistance,and the cyxlonic pin reducer has the advantages of compact structure,convenient operation,uniform mixing.
4.Dewater machine
The machien can be widely applied to the separation of high concentration organic waste water such as chicken,cattle,horse,and all kinds of intensive livestock and poultry manure,distiller's grains.starch residue,sacue residue and slaughterhouse.About the machine ,there  are some points need to notice:
Firstly,the water content is between 80% and 90%,and the water content of the effluent is between 40% and 50%;
Secondly,the production capacity changes according to the nature of raw materials:chicken manure  6-8 cubic meters/hour,pig manure 8-10 cubic meters/hour,cow dung 10-12 cubic meters/hour.
Thirdly,the main components of the sifter are stainless steel and the rest are carbon steel.
5.Dust collector
Dust collector is a type of dust removal device.Each component of the dust collector has a certain size ratio.Each change in the proportional relationship can affect the efficiency and pressure loss of the dust collector.The reduction of short-circuit flow can increase the efficiency of dust removal,increase the down flow of the section,and increase the residence time of the dust-laden air in the dust collector,creating more separation opportunities for dust.
Above all these fertilizer machines are some main other facilities,we also have other machines.If you know more about the fertilizer machines or the supporting facilities,you can visit our website and leave a message for us,and we will suggest some effective suggestions for you.