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The reason of fermenting chicken manure
Producing the organic fertilizer using the chicken manure as raw material can produce higher organic fertilizer granulator,and the fertilizer machines are designed for producing organic fertilizer can be high efficient and higher yield.It is first to fermente the raw material before producing using fermentation compost turner machine.Composting is the basic principle for manufacturing high-quality fertilizers.It is inseparable from composting and fermenting to ensure the effect of chicken manure.Composting fermentation is a means of decomposting organic matter in large quantities.Before applying chicken manure,the aerobic bacteria manure are rapidly propagated in an aerobic environment,and the characteristics of fermentation promote the decomposition process by the heat generated by decompostion.The composting fermentation technology is used to effectively eliminate parasitic eggs and pathogenic bacteria in chicken manure,which are unfavorable for crop growth,and ensure more complete aerobic decomposition of chicken manure. 
So what fermentating compost turner machine do we need?The simple compost turner machine is a good choice for the small and medium yield.The fertilizer machine can make the raw material ferment uniformly.And the machine is most of fertilizer manufactures choice.Besides the simple compost turner machine,there are also other ,such as the windrow compost turner machine,double screws turning machine,hydraulic type groove turning machine.
Well,the fermentation compost turner machines are neccesary fertilizer machine in the process of producing the organic fertilizer granulator.