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Production process of urea formaldehyde humic acid compound fertilizer
The production process:Every fertilizer production line has the same producing process,but the fertilizer machines are different used in different fertilizer production line and the type of every fertilizer machine are different.
The compound fertilizer in the raw material bin is mixed into the mixer machine through the material through the batching system,and the raw material is sent into the fertilizer crusher machine to be crushed,and it is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the drum granulator for granulation.
The urea formaldehyde humic acid compound fertilizer production process shortens the urea formaldehyde synthesis process,and directly granulates in the granulation drum,and the reaction heat is favorable for the compound fertilizer granulation.The producess utilizes the concentrated liquid method to avoid excessive moisture being introduces into the drum granulator,thereby avoiding the granulation rate of the drum granulator,reducing dust loss,reducing environmental pollution and achieving clean production.Using the roatry drum granulator to make the urea formaldehyde humic acid compound fertilizer  granulatorcan meet the require maent of the compound fertilizer and the production technology  investments is low and it suitable for the compound fertilizer factory to transform.