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Using chicken manure producing organic fertilizer
Chicken manure organic fertilizer is produced by using chicken manure and crop strow as the main raw materia and fermentating with straw stalk.Straw decomposting agent is harmless to humans and animals,it has no pollution to the environment and it is safe to use.It can fix nitrogen,dissolve phosphorus,dissolve potassium and can also decompose chemical pesticides ans residual substances of chemical fertilizer,and has the effect of increasing yield and disease resistance in planting and breeding industries.Using the fertilizer machine help  the fertilizer producer to relaize the production of standardizing.
Fertilizer equipment: fertilizer mixer,fertilizer plant,fermantation tank,composting turner machine,air blower,conveyor.The raw material mainly including the powdered straw,fresh chicken manure,phosphate fertilizer.
Production process:Mix fresh chicken manure,powdered straw mixture,phosphate fertilizer and high efficiency decomposing bacteria in a weight ratio,fill in the fermentation tank for fermentaion,and fill the ventilation pipe with oxygen by a blowing machine,and then carry out after screening,the stored materials are air-dried or directly dired to 25% using a drum dryer,and then placed in a drum screener machine for screening to detect non-organic fertilizer components such as stones and iron.The sifted qualifted organic fertilizer is placed in a pulverizer for pulverization,and then granulated using an organic fertilizer granulator obtain organic fertilizer granules.

Taking a video of producing organic fertilizer to show the fertilizer production line