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New type agitator drum granulator for organic fertilizer
The newly developed stirring tooth drum granulator for organic fertilizer is a molding machine which can make materials into specific shapes. It is used for granulation of various organic matters after fermentation. It breaks through the conventional granulation process of organic matters. Before granulation, the raw materials need not be dried and crushed, and direct batching can be used to process spherical particles. The pelletizing rate is high and the particles are beautiful, which can save a lot of energy. The wet stirring tooth drum fertilizer granulator machine uses the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously realize the mixing, granulation, spheroidization, densification and other processes of fine powder materials in the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.
New type agitator drum granulator for organic fertilizer
Characteristics of newly developed agitator drum granulator for organic fertilizer
1. The particles produced are spherical.
2. The content of organic matter can be as high as 99%, realizing the granulation of pure organic matter.
3. This granulator machine for fertilizer takes advantage of the characteristics that organic particles can be inlaid with each other under a certain force, so there is no need to add binder when granulating.
4. Solid particles can be sieved after granulation to reduce energy consumption of drying.
5. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to be dried, and the moisture content of raw material can be in the range of 20-40%. 

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