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The advantage of using organic fertilizer granulator
Organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer that can provide organic nutrients to plants,providing nutrients and fertilizer and improve soil.It is usually processed from various animals,plants ans their wastes using biological,chemicl or physical techniques to eliminate harmful substances.The nutrients contained in organic fertilizer generally need to be decomposed and transformed by microorganisms to be absorbed and utilized by plants.The organic fertilizer granulator are widely used in the world and the fertilizer granulator machine and the fertilizer production line are also developed withe the using of the organic fertilizer granulator.Using the organic fertilizer granulator will produce many advantages.So what role does organic fertilizer use in the plant?
1.Promote growth and increase production.Application of organic fertilizer can improve soil humanity and increase the number of benefical bacteria in the soil,which can help plants adapts to nutrients,help plants absorb nutrients and promote nutrient growth of fruit trees.
2.Provide nutrients.Organic fertilizers contain various nutrients necessary for crop,which are released by the decomposition and transformation of microorganisms and become nutrients that plants can absorb.It can provide nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium trace elements for fruit trees.
3.Improve the soil.The application of organic fertilizer can promote the soil nutrient and increase the soil organic matter content.The organic matter is decomposed by the action of microorganisms to produce acids,which can promote the weathering of minerals and facilitate the release of nutrients.
The advantages of the organic fertilizer still have many,and we just share more in this article.The prodcuing of the organic fertilizer granulator and the fertilizer machine using will improve the producing efficient and the fertilizer machine will develop with the using of the organic fertilizer granulator.