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The common technology of producing bio-organic fertilizer
The bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer and the bio-organic fertilizer is a development of the the organic fertilizer.The process of producing the bio-organic fertilizer is not so complex and the bio-organic fertilizer are used  widely.And Producing the bio-organic fertilizer have many different fertilizer production methods,and the article will shar shom methods with you.
The  key to the production process of bio-organic fertilizer is the choice of granulation method.According to the production requirements,the granulation methods commonly used in the current organic fertilizer are mainly disc granulation and extrusion granulation.The requirements are different,so there are differences in the production process of bio-organic fertilizer.
Disc mixing grasnulation process:
The disc mixing granulation process is to dry the raw material to remove a certain amount of water,then pulverize it and then send it to a disc granulator.The granulated product is then dried at a low temperature and screened to obtain a finished product .
Extrusion mixing granulation:
After the raw material is dried to a water content of less than 10%,it is pulverized,and then mixed with the inorganic fertilizer and the microbial bacteria and then sent to a roller granulator for granulation,and the finished product can be obtained  after screening using the rotary screener machine.