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Production of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer
Most of the nutrients contained in organic fertilizers are organic substances and the nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium contens are not high and their fertilizer efficiency is low.And the use of crops alone cannot meet the needs of crops.Compared with organic fertilizer,the inorganic fertilizer produced by chemical method has the advantages of high nutrient content,fast fertilizer efficiency,convenient storage and transportation and convenient application.It can also purposely use inorganic fertilizer to regulate the proportion of nutrients in the soil and promote the stable production of rented house,and high yield.However,excessive application of inorganic fertilizers will cause serious shortage of matter in the soil and the sustainable development of agriculture will be threatened.The production of organic-inorganic fertilizer can complement each other and solve the problem of single application of inorganic fertilizer  or organic fertilizer.Produce the organic-inorganic fertilizer is a technology.So what the steps of the organic-inorganic fertilzier production?And how to operate the fertilizer granulating machine?
The production of organic-inorganic fertilizer is mainly divided into two major steps:one is the fermentation of organic matter.The other is the mixing of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer after fermentation.The organic fertilizers to be pertreated usually include livestock manure and rice husks,cake slag,wheat straw etc.These materials must first be crushed by a fertilizer crusher,like the chain crusher,and the livestock manure must be fermented first to remov odor.It is best to combine the two to pre-process.The fermented organic fertilizer is mixed with inorganic fertilizer and granulated,and the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer product is prepared through a fertilizer dryer.
In detail,the process of producing the organic-inorganic fertilizer including these steps,which firstly to fermente the raw material using the fermentation compost turning machine,then mixing the organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer using the horizontal mixer machine,after fermentating,mputing the raw material into fertilizer granulator machine to finish the fertilizer granulator,and then according to the requirement of the fertilizer products to use the fertilizer dryer to dry the moisture and use the drum cooler to cool the temperature.If necessary,after granulating we need to use the fertilizer screener machine to screen the granulator and separate the quality fertilizer granulator and packing.