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Automatic quantitative packing scale
The automatic quantitative packing scale is applied to the automatic quantitative packing of industrial and agricultural automation production. The whole weighing process is controlled by a computer and automatically formed. It has the characteristics of fast weighing speed, labor saving, human saving, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The fertilizer equipment integrates automatic weighing and conveying seam bag, with compact and reasonable structure. The utility model has the advantages of novel and beautiful appearance, low noise, low energy consumption and simple operation, which improves the production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of the workers and improves the working environment. The belt type feeding is adopted, the materials enter the buffer bin through the belt, and the materials are sent to the weighing hopper through the frequency conversion control feeding belt. The feeding quantity is controlled by controlling the rotation speed of the belt. Once the weighing bucket reaches the set weight, the pneumatic gate of the weighing bucket will open automatically, and the materials will enter the packaging bag directly from the weighing bucket. The bag gripper will be opened through the control system, and the material bag will be sent away through the conveyor belt and sealed manually.
Automatic quantitative packing scale
Application and characteristics of automatic quantitative packing scale:
1. High stability, high precision load cell and load module are used; the interface is easy to operate and intuitive to display;
2. Independent display window of packaging weight input and weighing weight, with high brightness LED display; simple, intuitive and friendly menu operation; manual assistance for bag (or barrel), pneumatic bag clamping;
3. Independent weighing system weighing, weighing accuracy is high, speed is fast, weighing sensor uses Toledo weighing sensor;
4. Asynchronous motor control screw feeding, frequency converter speed regulation, big and small double screw fast and slow metering blanking, high control accuracy;
5. Except for motor, air cylinder, electrical accessories, pneumatic components, sewing machine, the whole machine is made of stainless steel

Automatic computer quantitative packaging is a new generation of intelligent packaging developed by our company. The fertilizer equipment is mainly composed of automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing bag device and computer control. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful shape, stable operation, energy saving and power saving, convenient operation and weighing.