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What's the difference between dried chicken manure and commercial organic fertilizer?
It is found that the farmers with large planting area seldom use organic fertilizer because of labor cost. Farmers with small planting area will choose to apply organic fertilizer. The application is basically dried chicken manure and cattle manure, a small part of which will choose their own compost. Qualified commercial organic fertilizer can hardly be seen, and farmers think the price of commercial organic fertilizer is high. For the same money, maybe only 2-3 bags of commercial organic fertilizer can be used, while the traditional dried chicken manure can buy nearly 2 cubic meters.

The application of unripe chicken manure is not only harmful to the soil, but also increases the occurrence of soil pests. It has no effect on the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, but also increases the emission of agricultural ammonia nitrogen.

In recent years, more and more enterprises begin to enter the organic fertilizer industry because of the intensified competition of traditional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and the better profit of organic fertilizer. For example, soil organic matter upgrading project, organic fertilizer replacing chemical fertilizer, zero increase action of chemical fertilizer, etc. all play a leading role in the promotion of organic fertilizer production line in the market.

In many regions, some so-called bidding projects put the price of organic fertilizer very low. I don't know if these organic fertilizers can play their due role. The cost of organic fertilizer depends on the source of raw materials. Some enterprises may process the raw materials of food industry organic fertilizer purchased at a high price. Some enterprises may use some industrial waste organic materials to produce organic fertilizer. Others may use the organic materials from environmental protection treatment of environmental protection enterprises. This leads to a wide gap in the cost of organic fertilizer production.

The quality of organic fertilizer is also very different. A good organic fertilizer can regulate the soil from biological, physical and chemical aspects, stabilize crop yield, improve crop quality, improve soil fertility, etc. The unqualified organic fertilizer, or the organic fertilizer made of some wastes, is indeed cheap, but it may also pollute the farmland, make the soil lose its due production capacity, or produce agricultural products with potential safety risks.

Many farmers know that their land is hardened, the soil is acidified, and the soil borne diseases are becoming more and more serious. They know that it is helpful to apply organic fertilizer. Considering the artificial problems, or misunderstanding of commercial organic fertilizer, they either do not use organic fertilizer, or they always have dried chicken manure.