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Reasons for the wear of the roller shell of the double roller granulator

Zhengzhou Huaqiang professional technicians will analyze the reasons for the wear of the roll shell of the compound fertilizer production line on the roller granulator:

1. Raw material moisture, PH
The roll cover is made of stainless steel. It reacts strongly to the pH of the substance. Improper moisture and pH of the material will cause acid-base corrosion on the surface of the roller skin and damage the roller skin.

2. Material factors
Roll extruder mainly processes dry powder materials. Due to the different hardness of the materials, uneven force will be generated during the process of extrusion and ball formation, which will increase the wear of the roller skin. From the perspective of material factors, another factor is the uniformity of the particle size of the raw materials. Different sizes of raw materials can also cause uneven force and wear on the roll cover.

3. Feed uniformity coefficient
The center of the parallel rod axis of the extruder is parallel to the surface of the roll skin. If the feeding is severely uneven, with more feeding at one end and less feeding at the other end, it will cause uneven force on both ends of the roller, increase the friction between the roller and the material, and cause roller wears.

Measures to reduce the abrasion of the roll shell of the compound fertilizer production line on the roll extrusion granulator:
The roller skin is unavoidably worn during the granulation process of the counter-roll extrusion granulator. However, if used properly, it can effectively reduce the wear of the roller skin, thereby prolonging the service life of the roller skin. According to the above factors, the following aspects can reduce wear of the fertilizer granulator machine.

1. For materials with high moisture content and high pH, ​​inspection and adjustment should be carried out.

2. Roller material, it is very necessary to choose a roller cover with good material, wear resistance, torsion resistance, corrosion resistance and other factors.

3. For the supply of working materials, the uniformity of the feed must be controlled to avoid wear due to uneven roller axial force.

Effective maintenance is an important means to reduce wear. In summary, damage factors should be avoided in the daily operation of the compound fertilizer production line to the roll extrusion granulator machine for fertilizer. Therefore, manual and regular use can reduce the abrasion of the pelletizing roller of the extruder, extend the service life, and reduce unnecessary waste.