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How does the organic fertilizer granulator make granulation?

How does the organic fertilizer granulator make granulation?

The granulation by the fertilizer granulator machine is a granulation process based on the production of biological fertilizers and organic matter. The cellulose accounts for a relatively large proportion and the formation conditions are relatively poor. During the use process, it can cause the function of the fertilizer to produce fine living bacteria. The advantages of high temperature and other aspects should not be touched in the production process.

The granulation method is not suitable for the granulation method of disc granules and trans-strand granules. This is because these two granulation processes require relatively high crushing fineness of raw materials, and the granulation water is relatively high. The water content should reach about 30%.

Because this method has a relatively large drying consistency, the effective bacteria loss is also relatively large, and the molding rate is relatively low, generally about 60% to 70%. Moreover, the dust in the production process is relatively large, and the operating environment is relatively poor.

Therefore, in the production process, the production of organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers should be relatively good. The production environment of the extrusion method should be relatively good. Environmental extrusion has low requirements for raw material crushing, high molding rate (above 95%), and low water content of the particles after opening. , The drying load is very small, which can reduce the loss of effective bacteria, and the dust is small and the operating environment is better. 90 tons of compound fertilizer raw materials are extruded and granulated. The raw materials enter the granulator machine for fertilizer, add appropriate amount of water or steam, and bond them into granules. After granulation, the materials are sent to the dryer through the belt conveyor for drying. The particle diameter is 3.0-4.0mm, and the granulation rate is greater than 70%.

It can be seen that the organic fertilizer granulator machine can choose different granular granulators according to different raw materials. It can guarantee the nutrition of the organic fertilizer produced.