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Precautions for operating fertilizer granulator machine
When the customer purchases the organic fertilizer granulator machine produced by our company, we provide technical support, but the operation should also be told to everyone. The operation of the organic fertilizer granulator includes familiarity with the buttons, adjustment of the parameters of the machine, and test run. Operation, protection, repair and other links. Because of the machine, the operation key has obviously become very important. Moreover, due to the use of mechanical equipment, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear, and the wear will show faults. However, the correct operation method will greatly reduce the wear speed and extend the service life of the machine. Therefore, the operation steps of the machine are very important.

Next, let us tell you the steps:

1. The operation of the granulator machine for fertilizer is the first preparation work. The plastic to be extruded should pay attention to the problem of drying. The material should reach the required dryness. If necessary, further drying should be carried out, and the particles and mechanical impurities should be forced to pass through the sieve.

2. When operating the machine, it depends on whether each system in the equipment is normal, to ensure that each machine is operating normally, whether the water vapor path is unblocked, other things such as heating system, temperature control, and whether each instrument is normal last night. Is the degree of lubrication of each equipment sufficient? If a problem is found, it must be removed in time.

3. Install the head and complete the installation of the equipment in order.

4. Then you can operate the device.

5. When the temperature reaches a stable level, you can start production. Before driving, you must tighten the bolts of the pelletizer again, because the machine parts have the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The sequence is to tighten diagonally, and the force must be even.

6. When operating the production, slowly rotate the screw rotation speed button, wait until the screw starts slowly, and then gradually accelerate, adding a small amount of material. Pay close attention to the changes of various ammeters and various indicator meters before feeding. In the table, be sure not to cross the red mark. Before the fertilizer is squeezed out, no one can stand in front of the die to avoid injury. After the fertilizer pellets are squeezed out, they must be gradually cooled and then led to the traction equipment, and the equipment is activated at the same time. Then according to the standard of the extruded product, to see if it is suitable, make corresponding adjustments to make the entire extrusion operation reach the normal condition. It can be produced normally after maintaining uniform feeding.

In addition to grasping the normal operation, it is also necessary to know the solution to the failure of the drum granulator and the correct disposal method. Normal operation is the top priority.