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Advantages and precautions for use of the roller extrusion granulator
The roller granulator is common granulating equipment, which is generally used for the production of organic fertilizer. This kind of machine has low investment and is easy to operate. It is a good helper for the production of organic fertilizer. So, what are the advantages of the roll extrusion granulator? What problems should be paid attention to when using? The following editor will explain in detail in the future. The following is an introduction to the "advantages and precautions for use of the roller extrusion granulator".

Speaking of the roller extrusion granulator, everyone has heard of it. The roller extrusion granulator has no drying process to achieve room temperature granulation. One-time molding has the advantages of low investment, quick effect, long life and high granulation rate. With the rapid development of information, customer word-of-mouth has become an important basis for measuring corporate reputation. Machinery has always insisted on considering issues from the perspective of customers. Granulator equipment and careful pre-sales and after-sales service have won a good reputation in the industry.

Before purchasing the double-roller extrusion granulator production line, users will go to the production site to take a look. Only the real user site can make users buy at ease.

In terms of the quality of the roller extrusion granulator equipment, the machinery attaches great importance to the foundation of the equipment, coupled with the strong technical team, continuous innovation, and the transformation and upgrading of the equipment in accordance with the market demand. The roller extrusion granulator industry is excellent. The company's counter-roll extrusion granulator equipment, whether it is a counter-roll extrusion granulator, a new type of organic fertilizer granulator machine, a disc granulator, a drum granulator, and other equipment, is shining in every industry.

What problems should be paid attention to when using the roller extrusion granulator?

1. The granulator should run forward; avoid reverse rotation.

2. The granulator is forbidden to run without load, and must be run with feed.

3. It is strictly forbidden to enter iron and other sundries in the feed port and vent hole of the granulator machine for fertilizer, so as not to cause unnecessary accidents and affect the safety and normal production.

4. Feeding should be uniform, and there should be no shortage of materials. The feeding speed of the machine and the feeding speed should be matched appropriately. Otherwise it will affect the quality and output of the pellets.

5. When the bearing part of the reducer burns, or is accompanied by noise, it should be shut down and repaired in time, and refuelling should be added.

6. When the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing chamber of the main engine are hot or there is noise, stop the machine for maintenance and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing chamber is filled with butter every 5-6 days.

7. Pay attention to find out the operating rules of the machine; such as: the machine temperature is high or low, the speed is fast or slow, and it can be dealt with in time according to the situation.

8. When the operation of the machine is unstable, pay attention to check whether the gap of the coupling anastomosis is too tight, and adjust it in time.