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Introduction to the configuration of semi wet material crusher for organic fertilizer
Semi wet material crusher is a new type of structure for high wet material pulverization. It is a crusher with no screen bottom and no blocking. The fertilizer equipment thoroughly solves the problems such as high humidity of materials, difficult crushing and easy blocking. Compared with the traditional crusher with a screen bottom, not only is it not blocked, but also the crushing materials are quite fine. As the semi wet material crusher adopts the upper and lower two-stage, double-layer rotor pulverizing system. After the first rotor crushing, the material randomly enters the second rotor for further pulverizing, so the particle size of the discharge material is quite fine, which can be controlled below 3mm.

Introduction to the configuration of semi wet material crusher for organic fertilizer

Structure of semi wet material crusher

1. Rack part: the normal operation of all fertilizer equipment can not be separated from a solid rack. The rack of the machine is all welded with high-quality carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed strict product certification and specific process requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of the machine.

2. Double layer rotor crushing part: the rotor structure of the machine is novel and the design is reasonable. The upper and lower double layer blades are used for crushing, and the crushing effect is twice of that of other products. The materials enter the crushing chamber from the feed port, and are grinded continuously by the double layer blades to make the materials meet the granulation requirements. The inner lining plate adopts corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant high-strength lining skin, which is durable and wear-resistant, thoroughly getting rid of the phenomenon of material sticking to the wall.

3. Transmission connection part: the machine adopts flexible belt transmission. The belt pulley and belt are driven by the motor and directly transmitted to the main shaft to make the main shaft rotate at high speed, so as to achieve the crushing effect.