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What are the granulation requirements of drum granulator
The material of the drum granulator enters the drum with a certain slope and slowly rotates from the feed inlet. Driven by the internal plate, it turns up and down and gradually understands it to the discharge port. At the same time, the liquid sprayed by the atomizing nozzle makes the fine surface adhere to other fine powders to form particles, and then discharges at the outlet.

The drum granulator is suitable for granulation of organic and compound raw materials, and suitable for the production of large-scale fertilizer plants.
What are the granulation requirements of drum granulator
Features of drum granulator:
  1. 1. Steam or paddle is usually used in the production process of rotary drum fertilizer;
  3. 2. The raw materials should be fine;
  5. 3. High moisture content and high drying load;
  7. 4. Flexible operation, low power consumption and low maintenance cost;
  9. 5. Compared with the disc fertilizer granulator machine, the pelletizing rate is high and the return material is less;
  11. 6. Hot granulation can improve the particle strength, and the average particle strength is more than 10N.