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There are problems in fertilizer quality, which may be caused by these reasons
Some enterprises have weak quality consciousness. In order to pursue profits, they cut production costs by cutting production costs. By increasing the single nutrient content of low cost raw materials and reducing the single nutrient content of high cost, the cost is reduced, so that the nutrient ratio indicated by fertilizer is inconsistent with the actual situation, reducing the fertilizer efficiency and infringing the interests of farmers.

Main problems and causes

1. Low level repeated construction, backward fertilizer production process, poor fertilizer equipment effect, small production scale and low product concentration

2. Lack of management awareness,
First, a small number of enterprises do not have perfect testing methods, which can not guarantee the quality of raw materials and products. Some organic fertilizer production line enterprises do not have laboratory, some do not have competent laboratory personnel, the results of testing and inspection are not true, or even forged testing records.
Second, a small number of enterprises do not produce according to the standard, deliberately reduce the content of raw materials with higher prices, or replace them with other raw materials with lower quality and lower price. Adulterate to make fake, cut production and reduce cost

3. Fertilizer production enterprises lack of production awareness and poor quality of purchase
First, most of the distribution enterprises without business qualification or without business conditions have chaotic purchase channels, no inspection of the purchased products, and countless concerns about the quality.
Second, some illegal traders are interested in buying low-cost and low-quality chemical fertilizer; some production enterprises cater to illegal traders, deliberately reduce the total nutrient content, and even cooperate in the manufacture and sale of fake products.

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