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How to form particles in the production line of chicken manure organic fertilizer
The first thing we can't do in the organic fertilizer production line is fermentation. The feces of chickens, pigs, cows, sheep and rabbits can be fermented in one week, and sawdust and sawdust take a little longer. In the middle stage of organic fertilizer fermentation, a small amount of white mycelium in the pile is normal fermentation; in the early stage, the temperature does not change any more, the powdery material is black brown, straw and straw are pulled and broken, and the fermentation product has a little wine or soil flavor, indicating that the fermentation has been completed. The ferment good biological organic fertilizer, because already abundant ferment is ripe, so must do shallow layer fertilization, avoid deep application.

After the previous process is completed, then our semi wet material destructor will smash the material completely. At that time, the destruction is granulation. The fertilizer equipment that can be selected for granulation include disk granulator, organic fertilizer granulator and extrusion granulator, which can be decided according to the customer's requirements this time.

The next step is the dryer. There is certain moisture in the production line of organic fertilizer. The surplus moisture is disposed by our common dryer of organic fertilizer to reduce the moisture so as to reach the standard of organic fertilizer in our country.

If you want to make your organic fertilizer particles more beautiful, more lubricating and more mellow, you can also choose our rotary coating machine or particle rounding machine to give your particles a beautiful look, so that your organic fertilizer production line can be sold well in the market.