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Scientific application method of farmyard manure
In the farming industry and the planting indutry,we usually using the fertilizer which produced by the fertilizer machine under the fertilizer manufacturing process,in fact,we not only can use the commerical fertilizer,which including the organic fertilizer granulator and bio fertilizer granulator that produced by using the bio fertilizer production,npk fertilizer granulator and so on.Besides the commerical fertilizer we also can use the farmyard fertilizer which produced with the nature produced.But because the commerical fertilizer is through a certain technology to kill the fertilizer harmful material,but the farmyar fertilizer is usinf the raw material without throuh any dealing.So in the using process,we need to notice more points in order to avoid to be harmful to the plant.
Farmyard manure is generally used as a base fertilizer.However,due to the variety of fertilizers and high prices,many growers will also use farmyard manure as a top dressing ,which is applied with water and has a ditch.However,because many vegatable farmers fo not know the characteristics of farmyard manure,improper application,resulting in low efficiency of farmyard manure,yellow leaves of vegetables,growth retaration and many other problems.
First,farmyard manure needs to be applied in combination with potash.Although the nutrients contained in the farmyard manure are all full,the nutrient content ratio is not necessarily suitable for the growth of vegetables.According to the suvery,the main fertilizer used for topdressing is pig manure and chicken manure.These two kinds of farmyard manure hve high nitrogen and high  phosphorus,but the potassium content is low.For example,the npk content of pig manure is 0.6%.0.6%,0.4%.Chicken manure is 1.63%,1.54% and 0.85%.
Then,the farmyard  fertilizer need to be fermented fully.If the farmyard fertilizer cannot fertmented fully ,it will harm the plant.During fermentating,the fermentation compost turner machines are designed for helping turning the fertilizer in order to make the fertilizer fermented more fully.
Many fertilizer manufacturing process  are being designed in order to produce more fertilizer granulator by the fertilizer machine manufacturers,and they can design to the newest fertilizer machines.