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All kinds of fertilizer
The fertilizer can be divided into all kinds of fertilizer,and the fertilizer machines are designed for producing the all kinds of fertilizer granulator by the fertilizr machine manufacturers.Well,what types of the fertilizer can be divided?According to the different standard of the fertilizer,we can have many fertilizer divided method.For example,we can divided into the fertilizer in  a large perspective:The fertilizer can be divided into the organic fertilizer and the inorganic fertilizer.And the organic fertilizer and the inorganic fertilizer also can be divided  into some small types fertilizer accoring to their raw material.
Inorganic fertilizer:The inorganic fertilizer also called the chemical fertilizer,for example,various nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium or compound fertilizers.Fertilizers commonly used in the planting industry are ammonium cerium phosphate,urea,potassium sulphate,potassium choride,various compound fertilizers and fruit trees can also use long-acting fertilizers such as stong,also known as superphosphate.The fertilizer granulator machines are designed to produce the inorganic fertilizer can be the roller press granulator,disc granulator,rotary drum granulator and so on.In specific to divide the inorganic fertilizer,it mainly include:
1.Niteogen fertilizer:fertilizer with nitrogen nutrient as the main component,including ammonium bicarbonate,urea,ammonium,ammonia etc.Nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer to promote the growth of flower roots,stems and leaves.
2.Phosphate fertilizer:fertilizer with phosphorus nutrient as the main component,including calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer.The raw materials for phosphate fertilizer are fish bone,bones and eggsells and so on.
3.Potassium fertilizer:a chemical fertilizer containing potassium nutrients as the main component,the main varieties are potassium chloride,potassium sulfate,potassium nitrate and the like.The application of potassium fertilizer can increase the resistance of flowers to lodging and prevent the pests of pets and diseases.
Organic fertilizer is farmyard manure,such as manure,decaying animal carcasses or decomposed plants.Organic fertilizers such as pig manure,chicken manure,all kinds of decomposed litter,grass ash etc.can be used as organic fertilizer.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator we can ues the flat die granulator or the new type organic fertilizer granulator to produce the higher quality fertilizer granulator.Sometimes the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is also a good choice to produce the organic fertilizer.The characteristics of organic fertilizer are the source of raw material is large.The nutrients are all low and the contents is low.The fertilizer effect is long and long,and it must be absorbed by plants after being decomposed and transformed by microorganisms.The effect of proving soil and fertilization is good.Commonly used natural fertilizer varieties are green manure,human excrement,manure,compost,manure,biogas fertilizer and waste fertilizer.