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The compound fertilizer type
 We can divided  the compound fertilizer into all types.And the different fertilizer manufacturing process can produce the different fertilizer granulator.We will share more with you in this blog about the different fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the different compound fertilizer granulator. 
Compound fertilizer refers to the general term for fertitilizers containing two or three main nutrient elements?"(npk).In addition,the addition of one or more trace elements to the fertilizer becomes a multi-component fertilizer.Due to the different production processes or processing method of compound fertilizers,tey can be divided into three types:
1.The compound fertilizer of chemical compound fertilizer(referred to as compound fertilizer)is characterized by chemical synthesis in a factory according to certain process conditions.
2.Compound fertilizer(referred to as compound fertlizer) This kind of compound fertilizer is characterized by high concentration of basic fertilizer as raw material,prepared according to the process formula in thee production process and processed by granulator.
3.Compound fertilizers such as mixed compound fertilizers?(referred to as mixed fertilizers) are based on unit fertilizers or compound fertilizers.Made by simple mechanical mixing.There is no significant chemical reaction during the mixing process.The most typical compost is a granular admixture,also known as a blended fertilizer.Because the raw materials and products of this fertilizer can be transported in bulk,it is also called bulk blended fertilizer.However,the nutrient and content ratio of this type of compound fertilizer is  wider and more targeted,and often contains other sub-components,which are not suitable for long-term storage.
The production of the compound fertilizer granulator is a kind of technology and the technology is now develoment continuously.In the process of mmaking the fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is tha main fertilizer machine.And the disc granulator,roller press granulator and rotary drum granulator are designed to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.The npk fertilizer production was designed to produce the npk fertilizer grranulator and the rotary drum granulator is equipped with the fertilizerproduction line .