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How to make rotary drum npk fertilizer granulator?
 Making the npk.compound fertilizer granulator not only can use the roller press granulator machine,it also can be use the drum granulator machine to make the granulator.So how we to make the npk fertilizer granulator use the drum granulator?The drum granulator which is a fertilizer granulator machine designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator and npk fertilizer granulator.What about the complete fertilizer production of the npk fertilizer granulator?
Show the video to know more details:

In fact,the npk fertilizer production  is not so complex as organic fertilizer production line.In the fertilizer production process,it is first to batch the raw material using the batching system and then enter into the vertical disc mixer machine to mix the raw material by the belt conveyor.Then using the drum granulator machine to make npk fertilizer granulator.Using the drum dryer to dry the fertilizer moisture and using the fertilizer screener machine to screen the quality ferilizer granulator and pack them using the automatic packing machine.
A complete fertilizer production line designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers to make the fertilizer granulator high efficient.