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How to produce the roller press granulator?
 What is the roller press granulator?And how to produce the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing process?By this 3D video fertilizer production line introducing the roller press granulator.

The roller press granulator in fact is the fertilizer granulator which is made by the double roller press granulator machine made to shape into the fertilizer granulator in roller.In the line,producing the fertilizer granulator need to use the batching system to be ready for the raw material,then the raw material enter into the chain crusher machine to crush the big raw material and enter into the vertical micer machine to mix the raw material.Finishing this work,next to make the raw material enter into the fertilizer granulator machine,in this line it equipped the disc granulator and the roller press granulator,which the disc granulator can play the role in drying the water and make the fertilizer into ball,after using the roller press granulator to roll into the shape.Next using the drum screener machine to separate from the inquality fertilizer granulator into the chain crusher machine to make the fertilizer granulator again.And put the quality fertilizer granulator into the automatic packing machine by the bely conveyor.Until now it can finish the working.Using the automatic fertilizer production line is not only improve the efficient,at the same time,it also improve the yield,made the raw material to be used enough land.
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