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Factors affecting roller press granulation of compound fertilizer
Using the fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the roller press granulator need to be noticed that there are some effects may influence the quality of the fertilizer granulator.When we using the fertilizer granulator machine to make roller press granulator ,what effects will influence it?The effects of influencing the fertilizer granulator will have the moisture,the raw material and the temperature.Today we mainly to talk about the problem of the raw material.The raw material is the main factor of making the roller press granulator,and its quality and shape will directly the quality of the fertilizer granulator.
Whether the raw materials are easy to be extruded and granulated.Generally speaking,the raw materials are divided into surface materials and sand materials,and the properties of two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.On the one hand,the surface material crystal particles are small,in the form of the fine powder,and the gap between them is small when pressed,and it is easy to form,but the strength of the sheet after forming is not high and the toughness is poor;in contrast,the crystal of the sand material which the particles are large and ice-like,and the gap between them is large when pressed,and it is not easy to form.However,after forming,the particles have high strength and toughness.On the other hand,in terms of water binding ability,the former is more likely to bind to water molecules and has a stronger binding ability.Therefore,under the same granulation conditions,the content of the sand-type material is slow,and the problem of insufficient strength or excessive moisture is less likely to occur.
So,when we using the roller press granulator to make the roller press granulator,we should need to choose the suitable raw material.What's more,the fertilizer machine manufacturers are also should improvementing themachines' features to make the fertilizer granulator machine can be suitable for different raw material.