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3T disc granulator production
New big disc granulation production line is designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers.What machines are equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing producess?The line is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,and the yield can reach to the 3 ton every day.It is equipped with the disc granulator.
When we produce the fertilizer granulator,we need to mixing the raw material,so in the line,the horizontal mixer machine is equipped.Then put them into the first screener machine to screen the big raw material and then ut the rest of raw material into the disc granulator,which is designed a kind of fertilizer granulator machine for producing the organic fertilizer granulator ad compound fertilizer granulator. to make the fertilizer granulator.When finihing granulating,using the dryer machine and cooler machine to dry the moisture till the requirement of the organic fertilizer granulator.The put them into the second fertilizer screener machine to screen the 4-5 mm fertilizer granulator.And the quality fertilizer granulator enter into the packing machine to be packed,and the inquality fertilizer granulator need to be put into the chain crusher machine to be crush and made granulator again.
Thhe complete fertilizer manufacturing process around include there parts.If you have any other problems,you can consults us or leave  message for us,we will supply some professional suggestions for you.