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What effects will produce using the fertilizer overmuch?
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Is it too good to fertilizer fruit trees?What effects does excessive fertilization have on fruit trees?
Hazard 1. Excessive fertilization will cause imbalance of nutrients in the tree. There is an antagonistic effect between the nutrient segregants, that is, the presence of a certain nutrient segregant can inhibit the activity of another or a plurality of nutrient segregants, thereby affecting the absorption of the tree body. For example, in the acidic soil, the application of nitrogen fertilizer should not be too much, otherwise it will be difficult for the crop to absorb calcium ions. Excessive application of calcium fertilizer can induce crops suffering from zinc, boron, iron, magnesium and manganese deficiency. Excessive potassium use will also affect the absorption of calcium and magnesium ions by fruit trees.
Hazard 2, excessive fertilization is easy to cause fruit tree poisoning. Because a large amount of fertilizer is applied, the concentration of the soil solution is increased, and it is difficult for the roots of the fruit tree to absorb water and inorganic salts, causing the above-ground wilting. If not remedied in time, the tree will die due to the inability to absorb water.
Hazard three, affecting the quality of the fruit. In the late stage of fruit growth, if a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the sugar content of the fruit will be reduced, the hardness will be lowered, the coloring will be poor, and storage will be imperfect, thereby reducing the commercial value.
As a whole,when we use the fertilizer on the fruit trees,we should notice that we don't use the fertilizer overmuch.Although the fertilizer manufacturing process is developed mature and it can be used to produce the fertilizer granulator high efficiently.We are the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,at the same time of knowing our machines ,we also should know more information about the fertilizer application and how to use,in this case can make us learn the situitation of the market and can design the fertilizer machine that make it is suitable for the different type fertilizer productation.