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Fertilizer granulator manufacturing process
The fertilizer manufacturing process can be divided into all kinds of type and using the fertilizer granulator machine can make the fertilizer into granulator.The roller press granulator manufacturing process is a kind of fertilizer manufacturing process.So what advantages of the roller press granulator technology?
Producing compound fertilizer granulator,choosing the fertilizer granulator machine we can use the  roller press granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.The technology of making fertilizer granulator using the roller press granulator method have many advantages:
11.Srong adaptability of raw materials.The sets of fertilizer granulator machine is not so high requirement for the size of the fertilizer granulator and using the fertilizer manufacturing process can produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
2.The ball shaping rate is high and the hard is big.After roller pressing the fertilizer granulator need to be shapped using the ball shaping machine.After shaping,the fertilizer granulator,the particles are round and even and the pelleting rate is up to 95%.
3.The water content is lower.The low water content is the main  advantage of the roller press granulator manufacturing process,because the organic fertilizer granulator is so big that make the resistance smaller than the inorganic fertilizer.If we just use the method of disc granulator to make fertilizer granulator that the water content may be up to the 40% that we need to use the drum dryer to dry the water of the fertilizer granulator.
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