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Why to coating the fertilizer granulator?
In the npk fertilizer production,usually there are step that coating the fertilizer granulator after finishing granulatoring in the fertilizer granulator machine.Why to coating the fertilizer granulator in the process of fertilizer manufacturing process?What material can be used to  coat the fertilizer granulator?
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,there are many fertilizer process,usually producing the npk compound fertilizer granulator firstly using the fertilizer crusher machine to crusher the raw material and then mix the raw material uniformly using the fertilizer mixer machine.Finishing the raw material,we put the fertilizer into the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer granulator.Then using the coating the fertilizer.The coating machine to be designed in the npk fertilizer production.Encapsulated fertilizer is one of the main types of controlled released fertilizer.The coating material can be inorganic substances such as sulfur or silicate or organic substances such as paraffin and high molecularpolymer.
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