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Production method of commerical organic fertilizer
The organic fertilizer market is popular now,and the traditional method of making the organic fertilizer granulator cannot meet the needs of the organic fertilizer market,with the development of the fertilizer machines and the fertilizer manufacturing technology,we can produce the fertilizer granulator or fertilizer powder by the fertilizer machines or complete fertilizer production line.
Organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator and different type raw materials can be used to produce the different type fertilizer.And for different type raw materials can be used different ttype production method.Method of producing commerical organic fertilizer with crop straw as raw materials:
Microbial composting fermentation.The comminuted straw is mixed with microorganisms to promote straw maturity,and is made by heap  fermentation.The advantages of this method are simple process and stable quality.Disadvvantages:long production cycle,large area,not suitable for large-scale production.
The method of producing commerical organic fertilizer with sludge as raw material.The wet sludge moisture content of 80% is processed into dry sludge with moisture content of 13%.The benefical microorganisms are added,which are granulated by disk granulator,which the fertilizer granulator machine is used to make the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.The dried the granulator at low temperature and screened by fertilizer screener machine,and finally packed and put into storage.

In this article,we just share two method of producing the organic fertilizer granulator,and more other fertilizer manufacturing process you want to know you can visit our website and leave a messages for us,we will apply to you as soon as possible.As the fertilizer machine manufacturers we are not only design the fertilizer machines,we also design the different fertilizer production line to make the different type fertilizer granulator.For example,the npk fertilizer production line is designed for producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process