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Maintenance method for various fertilizer granulator equipment
 The fertilizer machines are to be produced by the fertilizer machine manufacturers,and how we to maintain in using to make the using lifespan can make larger?Today,we share the maintenance method of the fertilizer machines in this article.When we making the fertilizer into granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process,so we mainly share the method maintenance of the fertilizer granulator equipment.
The granulator of oganic fertilizer production equipment can be divided into several types,such as ring die granulator machine,flat die granulator machine and other type organic fertilizer granulator,disc granulator,double roller press granulator machine and rotary drum granulator machine and so on.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the new type organic fertilizer granualtor machine is usually equipped to make the organic fertilizer granulator.The use of organic fertilizer granulator requires frequent maintenance to operate more stably.At present,most of the spherical granule organic fertilizer equipment are disc granulator,drum granulator,and new type organic fertilizer granulator and so on.The maintenance points of these organic fertilizer pelletizers are as follows.

Maintenance methods for various fertilizer granulator machines:
1.Do a good job in heat preseveration.Because of the climate and environment,the transmission parts of the organic fertilizer pelletizer will start slowly or fail to start due to freezing,which requires that the working place of the organic fertilizer pelletizer or the organic fertilizer pelletizer itself must have certain heat preservation measures.And the raw materials used in the work of organic fertilizer granulator should also be treated with antifreeze.The moisture content of the raw material of organic fertilizer is too large,so the antifreeze treatment is also very important for the use of organic fertilizer granulator in winter.
2.Use special lubricating oil.Low temperature and skill use frequency will cause the lubricating oil to meet freezing stagnation,which will affect the lubricating oil supply of organic fertilizer pelletizer.Adding lubricating oil to the popular organic fertilizer pelletizer in time will maintain better use effect.
3. Reasonable maintenance. At the end of each work, it is necessary to check and maintain the organic fertilizer granulator, mainly focusing on the transmission part, lubrication part, residual material cleaning and other parts. Maintenance is the basis of the use of the organic fertilizer granulator in winter. And timely replace the failure parts of the organic fertilizer granulator, avoid the operation with the failure of the organic fertilizer granulator, reduce the production and use costs caused by the failure of the machine, and reasonable maintenance also needs to be completed on a regular basis, to ensure the maintenance and attention of each component can make the organic fertilizer granulator present a better effect.
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