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What is a new controlled release fertilizer?
Different type fertilizer are designed for farming to be used,and the fertilizer granulator can be made by using the fertilizer manufacturing process.Until now new type fertilizer also designed ---new controlled release fertilizer.So how about the controlled release fertilizer?
What is a new controlled release fertilizer?The new controlled-release fertilizer,it also known as intelligent fertilizer,refers to the fertilizer with various regulatory mechanisms to make nutrient release consistent with the set release mode and the law of crop nutrient absorption. 
What are the benefits?
Controlled release fertilizer can reduce the application of fertilizer by half,and it can also increase yield than ordinary fertilizer,and one-time fertilization can meet the needs of crop growth,with high benefit,less loss and reduce environment pollution.At present,more and more attention has been paid to agricultural clean production,food quality and ecological environment,which is welcomed and loved by farmers.Therefore,the market prospect of controlled-release fertilizer is very broad.
Supply the organic fertilizer manufacturing process video for you to know more about the fertilizer production process

What are the application areas of new controlled-release fertilizers?
The application range of new controlled-release fertilizer is very wide.It can be used not only in non-agricultural fileds,such as landcape flowers,landscape lawns,nurseries and horticulture,but also in agriculture.It can be used in food crops,such as rice,wheat,corn,economic and oil crops,such as cotton,peanut,rape,soybeans,vegetables,fruits,such as tomatoes,watermelon and fruit trees.
How to produce the new release controlled fertilizer?When producing the new controlled release fertilizer,we use the fertilizer manufacturing process,if we want to make the new release fertilizer into granulator,we need to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator.There are different type fertilizer granulator machines are designed for producing the granulator,like the disc granulator,flat die granulator,new type organic fertilizer granulator and so on.But using what type fetilizer granulator machine,we can choose the suitable fertilizer machines accordint to the raw materials what we use.
Sometimes,we can design a complete fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer granulator,like the npk fertilizer production line is designed for producing the compound fertilizer granulator.Designing a suitable fertilizer production line to make the suitable fertilizer granulator,not only improve the working efficient,it also save more time to make the granulator.At the same time,using the semi-automatic fertilizer production line to make fertilizer also save more labor cost.
The picture of the npk fertilizer production line
npk fertilizer production line

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