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Pay attention to the first operation of organic fertilizer production line!
Before startup, we have preliminarily adjusted the temperature of the fertilizer equipment. The treatment of the materials in the production process of the organic fertilizer production line is determined by the characteristics of the materials themselves.

Therefore, after startup, we need to continue heating, because the normal production needs to continue to supplement the heat; adjust the different temperatures according to the different nature of plastic.

Pay attention to the first operation of organic fertilizer production line!
During normal operation, the temperature of fertilizer equipment shall be kept stable, not high or low. Near the blowhole, keep the temperature of the machine head at about 200 ℃. At this temperature, it can generally have a good processing for most materials.

As the components of the new organic fertilizer production line have not yet run in, the first start-up needs to heat up the fertilizer equipment, which generally requires 40-50 minutes. For specific operation, first raise the temperature to pull the motor triangle belt by hand until it is free, and then pull the motor continuously for 8-10 times according to the normal operation option. Then keep warming for about 10 minutes.

First of all, cut off the power supply of the main machine, and take off the head plug (with wrench) of the fertilizer equipment. Preheat separately before next use. The production line of organic fertilizer belongs to heavy machinery. When operating the production of organic fertilizer, we must strictly abide by the corresponding operation process and production matters to ensure the safe and effective production. When installing, pay attention to that the host is perpendicular to the ground. After installation, check whether the screws of the machine are loose and whether the fan case of the main engine compartment door is tight. If it is loose, please reinforce it to avoid accidents.