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Look at the key links of bio fertilizer production to improve your production
The production technology of bio fertilizer belongs to the category of bio economy with high-tech content, not just a simple fermentation process. It involves several key links:

1. Strict introduction and selection of production strains
The introduction of strains should first clarify the characteristics and functions of the strains, the biological characteristics of specific microbial fertilizer, the adaptation to local sudden climate environment, the unique functions and the degree of significant effect, etc., and all conditions are available before selection.

2. Relevant production process and equipment
The quality of the whole organic fertilizer production line plays an important role in the final product quality. Its production generally starts from pure bacteria, goes through the step-by-step culture and fermentation, and then through the finished product synthesis and processing to make various types of microbial fertilizer. The whole production process must be carried out in a completely closed and strictly sterile state, and the environmental conditions of the fermentation process, such as temperature, pH and many other factors, must be strictly controlled. The production equipment includes a complete set of fungus culture and fermentation equipment and a complete set of fertilizer equipment for bio fertilizer products, which is the basic guarantee of the products.

3. Establishment of quality inspection system for biological fertilizer
In order to ensure the quality of products, strict quality standards and complete testing methods are needed. Testing samples include every batch of products and storage products that are regularly monitored. The production department must have technical support from specialized technicians or relevant universities and scientific research units.