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The type of the organic fertilizer granulator
 The fertilizer granulator can be classified into compound fertilzier granulator and organic fertilizer granulator.And organic fertilizer granulator also can be classified into  different type.Producing different type organic fertilizer granulator can be used different fertilizer granulator machine type.So how many knids of organic fertilizers can be classified?Organic fertilizer can be roughly classified into nine categories.
1.Feces and urine:Including human and livestock manure and manure,livestock,seabird manure and silkworm sand,etc.
2. Straw Fertilizer: Fertilizer formed by returning straw to field.
3. Green manure: including cultivated green manure and wild green manure.
4. Soil and miscellaneous fertilizer: including fertilizer, mud fertilizer, plant ash and trough slag fertilizer.
5. Cake fertilizer: oil meal, oil residue
6: humic acid: including peat, lignite, weathered coal and so on.
7. Amino acid fertilizer: amino acid foliar fertilizer, etc.
8. Organic fertilizer manufactured in factory: pellet fertilizer is formed by composting, decomposing, drying and crushing livestock manure, and adding certain auxiliary agents.
9. Composting: including composting, retting and biogas fertilizer.
The engineers also designed different type organic fertilizer manfuacturing process to make the different type fertilizer granulator in order to make the producing can be higher efficient.Sometimes in a complete fertilizer production line it equipped different fertilizer machines type.And how to choose the suitable fertilizer machines in a large extent is related with the raw material what you use.
fertilizer granulator machine
We are as the proffessional fertilizer machine manfuacturers we are not only design and produce the fertilizer machines and we also can design different fertilizer production line for different customers that the raw material of what they use.