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The introduction of several fertilizer
 Different type fertilizer granulator can be produced by the fertilizer manufacturing process,every different type fertilizer also designed for different fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer in order to make the fertilizer higher efficient.In this article,we are mainly introduce several fertilizer type for you.
1.Slow-acting fertilizer:Compounds or physical states of nutrients can release fertilizers slowly for sustainable absorption and utilization by plants over a period of time.Sustained release refers to the release rate of nutrients from chemical substances far less than that of available nutrients from plants after application of quick-acting fertilizers into soil.
2.Coated fertilizer:In order to improve the efficacy and/or performance of fertilizers,fertilizers made of thin layers of other substances are coated on the surface of their granules.
3.Compound fertilizer:In a chemical fertilizer,two or more of the main elements,such as N,P,K,are compounded into two fertilizers.Two main nutrient elements are called binary compound fertilizer,three main nutrient elements are called ternary compound fertilizer,and more than three nutrient elements are called multiple compound fertilizer.
organic fertilizer production line
Every fertilizer granulator have different type fertilizer effect,we can use the different fertilizer together with different fertilizer type,and these fertilizer also can be made into fertilizer granulator by different  fertilizer granulator machine type.Like the double roller press granulator we can use to make the compound fertilzier granulator.