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Can polutry manure and urine be applied directly?

Polutry manure contain many organic materials and using the fertilizer manufacturing process we can use to make the organic material into organic fertilizer.But can polutry manure and urine be applied directly?In this article,you will find the answer.

Polutry manure refers to the excreta of pigs,cattle and sheep.It contains rich organic matter and nutrients required by plants.The composition and properties of polutry excrement and urine vary with polutry species,size and feed.Polutry manure is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus,and the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in sheep manure is the largest,followed by pig and horse and cattle manure is less.Livestock urine is rich in nitrogen and potassium,and is generally alkaline.Livestock excrement and urine should not be applied directly.After a period of accumulation and maturation,the application effect is better.
organic fertilizer production line
Using the livestock manure as the organic fertilizer raw material in the organic fertilzier manufacturing process to make the organic fertilizer granulator,we can use the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to make the organic fertilzier graulator.Moreover,we also can use the disc granulator or rotary drum granulator which the fertilzier granulator machine can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator and npk,compound fertilzier granulator.In fact,the machines are to be chosen depended on the raw material of what you use to make the organic fertilizer granualtor or npk,compound fertilizer granulator.