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Comparing the chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer
Now the fertilizer manufacturing process developed more and more mature,and the chemical fertilizer and the organic fertilizer granulator are produced.But what differences of the chemical fertilizer and the organic fertilizer?
Firstly,the fertilizer manufacturing process is different and the fertilizer granulator machine produced the fertilizer granulator are different,the chemical fertilizer granulator is also called the compound fertilizer granulator,the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator,and the roller press granulator machine are designed for producing the compound fertilizer granulator.And in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine are equipped to make organic fertilizer granulator.
Then,thee difference of the chemical fertilizer and the organic fertilizer granulator show that the characteristics that the organic fertilizer granulator are used including many organic materials and it can improve the quality of the soil.It contains many nutrients but the contain is low,hat's more,the organic fertilizer granulator is low fertilizer effect and the long fertilizer effect time.And the characteristics of the compound fertilizer granulator can supply nutrients,but it does not change soil.Its nutrient type is single,but ts content is high.The fertilizer is fast,but it cannot last.The compound fertilizer has a large concentration and a single nutrient,which can provide a certain nutrient.Therefore,in order to obtain high yield and improve fertilizer efficiency,organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer should be aapplied together.
Finally,it need to be said the difference of the compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer is that the requirement of the water of the organic fertilizer granulator is higher and after finishing granulating,it need to be dried to the requirement moisture.Or it will lose thee effect of the organic fertilizer granulator.
Well,when more fertilizer granlator machine  type are appearace,more fertilizer machines will be also designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers.