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What is the bacteria fertilizer?
The fertilizers are produced by the fertilizer manufacturing process produced many type ,like the organic fertilizer granulator,npk fertilizer production,compound fertilizer  granulator and so on.Now a kind of fertilizer is designed using in the farming industries,which is called the bacteria fertilizer. What is bacteria fertilizer?
Bacteria fertilizer is a fertilizer made by artifically cultivating certain beneficial microorganisms.In the past,people called it a bacterial fertilizer.In facct,it has already excessed the range of microorganisms using bacteria and the use of actinomycetes and algae has also been included,nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria.Therefore,it is more accurate to rename the past customary bacterial fertilizer as"bacterial fertilizers".The bacteria fertilizer is different from chemical fertilizer and farmyard fertilizer.The fertilizer itself contains nutrients that are negliable.It is a beneficial microorganisms that is separated from the soil,cultured by artifical means,and then propagated tot he soil to adjuust benefical microorganisms in the soil.variety  and quantity can accelerate the conversion of effective nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other nutrients in the soil or stimulate crop growth and enhance crop diease resistance crop yield.In the entire fertilizer filed,chemical fertilizers and farmyard fertilizers are the main fertilizers for crops,and bacterial fertilizers are an entire fertilizer filed,chemical fertilizers and farmyard fertilizers are the main fertilizers for crops,and bacteria fertilizers are an auxiliary fertilizer.Therefore,while applying the bacterial,it is neccessary to apply sufficient fertilizer and farmyard fertilizer, and in combination with other cultivation and mangagement techniques,the seeding fertilizer can play a better role. In fact,the fertilizer can be compared with the bio fertilizer granulator,the bio fertilize production is designed for producing the bio fertilizer granulator and the bio fertilizer granulator is seem to an organic ferilizer granulator.While the bacterial fertilizer granulator is can be seemed to be a kind of bio fertilizer granulator,and the fertilizer production can it also can be made into fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machines.In furture,the fertilizer manufacturing process will also be designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers  for producing this kind of fertilizer granulator specially.
Every fertilizer has two coins of good aspects and bad aspects.The fertilizer contain some organic fertilizer material,but the nutrient is low,so sometimes using the fertilizer combined with other fertilizer will be produced more efficient.Such as the combination  the organic fertilizer granulator with the npk fertilizer granulator.