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NPK fertilizer production
 The npk fertilizer production is relatively simple compared to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.The development of fertilizer production technology has been relatively mature.This article will use npk fertilizer production line as an example to illustrate fertilizer production technology.
The raw materials for the production of npk compound fertilizer mainly depend on the basic materials:nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.In the production of npk fertilizer,the nitrogen source is generally liquid ammonia,urea,ammonium nitrate and ammoniium sulfate;the phosphorus source is generally phosphoric acid,monoammonium phosphate etc;the potassium source is generally potassium choride and potassium sulfate.Which raw material is selected as the basic raw material of the npk fertilizer production,thee selection of raw materials should be deterimixed according to the production environment.
The process of the npk fertilizer production:
The npk fertilizer production is designed by the feritlizer machine manufacturers,and in the line it mainly includes fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,and fertilizer granulator machine.In the process,it needs to crush raw material and then mixing them with other material uniformly.By the way,the bb fertilizer mixer machine is designed for producing the bb fertilizer which is also a kind of compound fertilizer.After finishing the mixing,we can use the rotary drum granulator machine,which is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine is used to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.Finally we use the screener machine to screen the quality fertilizer granulator.
Well,we share the npk fertilizer production knowduge with you and hope it is helpful for you.If you are interested in the fertilizer machine or the fertilizer manufacturing process,you can leave a message for us and we would like to produce some professional suggestion for you.