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BB fertilizer production
 With the different type of the fertilizer granulator apparence,the fertilizer machines are designed and the new fertilizer manufacturing process is also designed for producing the fertilizer granulator.The bb fertilizer granulator is a new fertilizer granulator,the bb fertilizer production is designed for producing the bb fertilizer granulator specially.The bb fertilizer production is the simplest fertilizer manufacturing process.The line compared to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process using less fertilizer machines and less investment for the fertilizer producer investor.
In the fertilizer line,it mainly includes the bb fertilizer mixer machine  which is designed for producing the bb fertilizer granulator,and batching system.The full name of BB fertilizer is bulk blended fertilizer, which is a kind of compound fertilizer which is made by mixing several kinds of granular single fertilizer or compound fertilizer in a certain proportion.

The picture shows the line of producing the bb fertilizer granulator,and the fertilizer machines are equipped by the fertilizer machine manufactures so simple that making the bb fertilizer granulator are popular in all over the world.